What Is Reseller Auctions

Reseller Auctions is for both the reseller who need items to sell and the reseller that has a lot of stock to get rid of. Resellers helping other resellers.

Reseller Auctions was created out of the ever changing landscape of the reselling world. We have heard so many resellers who say they can’t find anything to sell online. On the other side of the spectrum there are just as many resellers who end up with a lot of inventory that they just don’t have the time to deal with on a one off basis and need to move their inventory because there is more on the way.

It’s easy to sign up and free to buy and sell. During our beta testing phase there will be no fees for anyone.

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For Sellers

Reseller Auctions is a place to sell your inventory by connecting you with other resellers who can buy and list these items on their favorite online platforms. You can make money by helping everyday people that would otherwise have difficulty finding quality products in bulk.

Everyday, you and many other sellers are losing a lot of money, every step of the way. At Reseller Auctions, you won’t have a third party in the middle taking a cut of your sale. There are no fees for listing or selling your auction items, no middlemen charging to host your photos, no final value fees or monthly store fees. There is no one in between; it’s just you and the buyer.Take back control of your business and save money and time by selling live online at Reseller Auctions.

For Buyers

Reseller Auctions is a place to buy quality inventory in bulk from other professionals with experience selling on multiple online and local platforms.
Buying unique inventory in quantity can be difficult if you are in a remote part of the country. Some regions have harsh seasonal climates where local sourcing is not available all year round. The live video broadcasted auctions featured on Reseller Auctions are ideal for buyers that are looking for deals on multiple items in a short amount of time. No more hours of thrifting, garage sale shopping or waiting at auction houses.

Take back control of your business and save money and time by buying live online at Reseller Auctions.